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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Narsipatnam Pincode / Post Office Search (VISAKHAPATNAM, Andhra Pradesh)

Adakula B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Amalapuram B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Annavaram B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Annavaram B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Antada B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Balighattam B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bangarampeta B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bapiraju Kothapalli B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bennabhupalapatnam B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bennavaram B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bheemaboinapalem B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bodapalem B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Budarallu B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Burugupalem B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Butchampeta B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bylakinchangi B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chammachinta B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Cheedigummala B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Cheedipalem B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Cherlopalem B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chettupalle B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chintalapudi B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chintapalli S.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chittempadu B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chodyam. B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chowdupalli B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Damanapalli B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Darakonda B.O 531105NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Devarapalli B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Dharagangavaram B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Dharnasagaram B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Dondapudi B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Downuru B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Duppulavada B.O 531105NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
E D Peta B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gabbada B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Galikonda B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gangavaram B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Giduturu B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Golugondapeta B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gondipakalau B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gudem B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gummadigonda B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gundupala B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gunupudi B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gurandarapalem B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
J P Agraharam B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Jaggampeta B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Jerrala B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Jilledupudi B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Jogempeta B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
K Mallampeta B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
K Yellavaram B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kailasapatnam B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kakarapadu B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kalayanapulova B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kanchugummala B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kannampeta B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kantaram B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kd Peta S.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kinaparthi B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kitumula B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kodavatipudi B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Koduru B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Komaruvolu B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kommangi B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kommika B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kondala Agraharam B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Konkasingi B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Konthalam B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Korukonda B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kotauratla S.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kothakota S.O (Visakhapatnam) 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kothapalem B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kothapatnam B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kovvuru B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Koyyuru S.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Krishna Bazar(Narsipatnam) S.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kusarlapudi B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Lakkavarapukota B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Lammasingi B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Lingapuram B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Lothugedda B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
M B Patnam B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
M Bennavaram B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
M K Patnam B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
M Makavaram B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Makavarapalem S.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Mallavaram B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Mampa B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Manyapuratla B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Marripalem B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Marrivada B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Mondigedda B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nadimpalem B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Narsipatnam H.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nathavaram S.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nindugonda B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
P Kotha Gudem B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
P Kothapalle B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
P P Agraharam B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pakalapadu B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pamulavaka B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Panduru B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pappusettipalem B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pathamallmpeta B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pedajaggampeta B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pedamakavaram B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pedavalasa B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pedda Boddepalli B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pydipala B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rachapalli B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rajupakalu B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rajupeta B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Revallu B.O 531087NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rintada B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rolugunta B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rv Nagar S.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
S.Ankada B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sanivaram B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Saparla B.O 531133NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sarabhannapalem B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sarugudu B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sileru Project S.O 531105NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Srungavaram B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sunkapur B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tajangi B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tamaracherla B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Thammingula B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Thotaluru B.O 531084NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tutipala B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
V Sarabhavaram B.O 531114NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vaddipa B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vajragada B.O 531113NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vanchula B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vangasara B.O 531111NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vedurupalle B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vemulapudi S.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram B.O 531085NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Y B Agraharam B.O 531115NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Y G Peta B.O 531116NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
Yerakannapalem B.O 531117NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh